Sales & Marketing Mentor

Australia -

11 Jun 2024

Australia -


This is an opportunity for the successful person who is looking to upgrade their career, finances and mindset. I’m looking to connect with people who are motivated for a change and have made the decision that they may no longer be suited traditional employment, and are looking for forge their own trail in a business of their own.

Bring your communication, leadership and marketing skills which you have honed throughout your career, transferring them into an opportunity to back your self in business, working remotely as part of a global community of entrepreneurs.

With professional resources, training and support - enjoy the freedom, flexibility and autonomy which comes with remote work. Set your-self on the path to create new levels of success the in the Coaching and Leadership Education Industry.

What Makes Us, Us.

We’re a team of driven, enthusiastic, and goal orientated people from a diverse back ground. Being part of the Success Education and Leadership Development industry, you will be coming into a dynamic and supportive community where you are encouraged to build your self personally and professionally.

The Opportunity

  • Flexible - Work from Home or Work on the Go.
  • Parter With An Established Global Brand (15+ years)
  • 100% Digital & Remote.
  • Not bound by territories.
  • Full training and Support Offers
  • Award Winning Products
  • Network of Link Minded Professionals

What Makes You, You.

  • Dynamic, Positive & Open-minded.
  • Ability to work independently, Self-motivated.
  • Professional Communicator
  • Motivated to Achieve Results
  • Strong Leadership Qualities
  • Great Time Management Skills.
  • Excited to Learn New Things.

Only successful candidates will be contacted. No previous experience is required.